COVID AND COPPER KADA It has been an interesting study that how copper is related to Viral fevers. Viral fevers are airborne and airborne fever related to lungs .Long ago our ancestors knew the science behind copper and viral fevers. when we observe our Chakra system it is directly connected to cosmos energy. Chakra colors are exactly same as rainbow color ( VIBGYOR) . Green color comes in lungs/chest region. when copper is subjected to flame test it produces green color . This is the science which our ancient people knew but we ignored . we never tried to think science behind it as we were taught( by invaders) that they were all blind belief . copper kada boost immunity power of lungs when it is rightly wore on upper arm .


 अ॒ग्निमी॑ळे पु॒रोहि॑तं य॒ज्ञस्य॑ दे॒वमृ॒त्विज॑म्। होता॑रं रत्न॒धात॑मम्॥ This is the first line in Rigveda where it tells about  Agni .Agni takes the No.1 position in Devas. Agni represents purity. Agni is the giver of all weatlh in abundance

Pets and energies

 Energies of pets will vary home energy In our recent visits we have seen pets like cats and dogs creating negative energies inside the home. The first case it was a cat which was creating Sixty percent of the negative energies inside the home. But owners were not ready to keep the cat out. It happened to wear Gemstone to the cat to balance the energy to the cat. In another case. pet dog. It was just in front of the door of the house. So, the energy of the dog was creating a lot of negativity in front of the door. So, it was recommended. To keep the dog far from the door. so they will do fine


 It’s an effort from Nandivastu to explore the origin of vastu .  It is the world where lord Vishnu rule. We have got a huge resemblance when we correlate Lord Vishnu image on vastu directions. Lord Vishnu four hands are related to four directions in vastu . Ishanya( NE), Agneya(SE), Nirutya/kubera (SW) and vayuvya(NW) .The snake in picture represents North pole and South pole.  Northeast hand holding Conch shell , Southwest hand holding Mace , Southeast hand holding Lotus flower and Northwest hand having Sudarshana chakra. If we examine further we find   1. Conch shell is found at sea, so water at Northeast 2. Mace is the symbol prosperity so its Kubera corner and Mace is the weapon of Lord yama and that is the reason we give place in Nairutya corner to our ancestors. 3. The Lotus is the attribute of Sun and Fire God . Rigdveda 6.16.13 clearly states that Sage Atarvan churned agni from Lotus . So its Agneya corner 4. Sudarshana Chakra travels in air. So it is vayuvya If we note the or
THIS IS THE FIRST SUBJECT ARTICLE ON MY WORKS: I dowse and find out the energy levels as it’s my profession. This was a consulting done for my regular client in first week of March     just before covid19 breakout. It’s a company having more than 700+ employees. First time negative energy was identified at the Temple of the Company. The second negative energy was exactly inside the MD chamber. A very small change in energy field at the important areas led to a lockdown for at least one or two months.
hai everybody, interesting to learn energy systems